halloween Coloring Pages Printable for Kids, Adults 2021

Halloween , the holiday of witches, vampires, werewolves, ghosts and all creatures of the night! During this festival, like Mardi Gras, we dress but not how we usually do ! Whether it's a simple sheet to disguise as a ghost or with a full range of props to become a zombie or a witch, Halloween is an opportunity to go out into the street and be characters that we can't be any other day of the year ! Plus it's a good time to collect candy , with the famous sentence " Trick or Treat! " that children shout to their neighbours when they come to harvest goodies . This festival is so famous and popular that the theme was echoed by many cartoons and animated films such as The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack, created by the Disney studio in association with Tim Burton, where Jack lives in Halloween countries, where it is traditional to cast spells and provide tricked gifts every year. Maybe you also know the series of Monster High, living in a world where one would think that Halloween happens every day! Anyway , Halloween is a holiday that goes back to the Celtic traditions of the Druids , at a time when the New Year was celebrated on November 1st. People believed that on the night of October 31 to November 1, the boundary between the world of the dead and the living collided, allowing the dead to cross over to the living. Of course this is only a legend, but nowadays there are fun activities you can enjoy during this period , such as carving pumpkins and light up a candle , wear terrifying masks and makeup to look like a zombie or a ghost pirate, and especially harvest and eat candy ! And of course this is a good time to color witches, cats, black or not, pumpkins, ghosts, zombies or even haunted mansions ! Let's talk about your imagination through scenes that are offered to you here and have fun choosing the best colors for these unique designs ! With these images you can patiently wait for the time to come out and say the famous " Trick or Treat! " that all children celebrating Halloween say that day !